Dear Friends,

Hclaus_teachingWe give praise to God for the UNITED IN CHRIST 2017, a Native Christian Leadership Conference held July 20-22, 2017, at the Evangelical Free Church of Bemidji, Minnesota.

This strategic conference was focused on four foundational truths that unite us all as the Body of Christ in the Native First Nations community.  These were three special days as Christian leaders involved in Native ministry challenged us in the four plenary sessions, twelve workshop break-outs, 20 + exhibits of ministry,  the six member panel discussion, and the wonderful opportunities networking and fellowship with key Native leaders and ministries working among the many tribal groups throughout North America.

There were approximately 340 registered, 36 tribes represented from 22 US states and 5 Canadian provinces, 30 + Native ministries present, 11 local churches helping sponsor the conference.  The plenary sessions were videoed, audio recorded and live streamed on the internet.  The workshops and panel discussions were audio recorded.orded.

I would greatly encourage you to join us in the experience of the United in Christ conference by viewing and listening to the sessions presented.  Share the experience in your church, your study group, or in your home.  We would love to hear your questions and thoughts to what is being shared by these key leaders in Native First Nations ministry.

Will you join us in prayer asking God to Unite us in Christ in reaching the Native First Nations peoples of North, Central and South America?

Blessings to you and yours!



Rev. Huron Claus, President of CHIEF Inc.



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